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Meeting the Requirement with Kindness and Empathy

It is the aim of a good recruitment company is to meet a number of requirements. The needs of our customer are of course paramount. We aim to provide high quality candidates to the customer in order that they may make their selection and fill the gaps in their team quickly and effectively. Pimento excels at this but we do so much more. At the other end of this equation sits the candidate. Life of course would be so much simpler without candidates but our reputation and our bank balance depend on them.

So, who are these people, these blooming candidates? Well of course they are first and foremost human beings (mostly) who are making a major life decision in choosing to either change employer or start with a new career. These are stressful times and understandably the individual will need support and reassurance as they navigate the choppy waters of their career.

About 150 years ago, or at least it feels that long, I was one of a small band of determined men and women who were all that stood between freedom and the might of the Soviet Union (it seemed important at the time). One of the many lessons learned was that information should, whenever practicable be shared up down and sideways into what was known as an all informed net. This allowed individuals and organisations to operate in a more cohesive and effective way rather than in ‘mushroom mode’.

One of the worse things about applying for the job is the waiting. Having submitted a CV and been interviewed there is then a period of time when one awaits the thumbs up or thumbs down. This is not only a stressful and frustrating time but also encourages the candidate to continue looking at other opportunities.

At Pimento we do all we can to relieve this pressure. We continually call the candidate as well as the employer to try and move things along. Delay in the employer’s camp is of course sometimes inevitable but outstanding candidates do not stay on the shelf for long and the associated costs to the business of restarting a search are considerable. So, when we call you for updates we do so in your interest.

To employers we offer this advice:

  1. After interview please let us (and by extension the candidate) know as soon as you are able
  2. Do not be afraid about using a short list and second interview
  3. Apply your probation period, if the candidate turns out not to be a good fit then part on good terms
  4. Use us as a conduit for communications between you and the candidate
  5. If the decision maker is not available, then either delegate to an appropriate level or give us and the candidate a date by which a decision will be made
  6. Start your team building early

To candidates we say:

  1. We are doing all we can, shouting at us does not speed things up
  2. Be open and honest with us
  3. Stay positive

Pimento Connection, yes we can.