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As our company grows, we are spreading our wings into other (complimentary) endeavours. 


Brexit aside, the world is a changing place.  The safety and security of your staff is, we are sure, at the top of your agenda.  


Over the last few years our sister company, Cassandra Risk Mitigation (CRM) has provided courses in Situational Awareness and Risk Mitigation (SARM). These courses are designed to keep you, your loved ones and your workforce safer in an increasingly uncertain world.   CRM is now fully absorbed into Pimento Connection operating under the Pimento brand and will continue to deliver courses in:


Situational Awareness and Risk Mitigation (SARM)

Staying safe on holiday and on a Gap Year

First Aid at Work (FAW) 1 day

Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) 3 days

Trauma First Aid (Scenario Exercises) 1 day


All courses are fully accredited and delivered by former Military and Emergency Service operators.  Pimento Connection is CPD accredited and successful attendees will be awarded official certification.


Pimento is poised to find you the people you need to take your team to the next level and ready to help you keep those people safe.





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