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Job Description:


The successful candidate will implement moderately complex logistics software solutions with customers at their sites including: project planning and development of functional and technical requirements; conducting test events, customer training, data collection and integration; and development of technical and functional documentation.

Essential Functions:

• Develops and implements project plans to meet customer program requirements and other requirements documents for customer staffing and approval. Coordinates the support plan requirements development and allocation.

• Executes implementation task to cost, quality and in accordance with the program/project integrated master schedule to support delivery of all contract deliverables. Tracks established performance metrics. Organizes program management reviews and technical management reviews.

• Supports the development of functional and technical requirements for product design. Works closely with the customer to codify requirements. May coordinate engineering change proposals, including baseline support concept.

• Researches, provides technical information and establishes processes to develop and maintain support products, engineering data and integrated support infrastructure. Coordinates between organizations and assists in the development and implementation of support products.

• Develops detailed test cases for use in testing software components for user acceptance testing of software to be released to the customer. May instruct others on the business processes of the client and describe how those processes affect the testing of the software.

• Validates deliverables per contract requirements. Supports site surveys and go-live efforts, working closely with the customer and documenting user acceptance. May conduct customer data conversion.

• Develops technical and functional documentation, including operating procedures and tailoring documents. Develops blueprints that specify the software functional requirements, data flow and process flow.

• Responds to customer inquiries and documents issues.

• Conducts or supports product demonstrations and/or technical reviews with the customer.

• Conducts customer training and instruction, both classroom and over-the-shoulder, on business and functional processes related to the software. Provides support to workshops, test events, training development, data collection and integration and development of technical and functional documentation.

• May provide technical proposal inputs and assist with responses to request for proposal and in the development of requests for information and resolution.

• Performs other duties as assigned.

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