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Ceri David Payne

Transformation Change Manager



07866 745211 Olympic Village, London


Personal Summary

A highly focused Change Manager, Digital Transformation Manager, Project and Programme Management professional with over 20 years’ experience in high profile & demanding business environments.   Regularly employing Agile management methodologies,

Lean-Agile Management, Scaled Agile Management (Leading SAFe 4.5.1) as well as Prince 2 and ITIL service management frameworks.


I am known for my pragmatic delivery approach, tenacity and ability to understand and resolve complex problems.


Transformation management
Optimum TOMs identified and delivered
Budgets managed of £1m to £8bn
Lean-Agile Leading SAFe 4.5.1
Prince 2
Delivering Agile and Waterfall solutions
Shaping Artificial Intelligence solutions (DeepMind, Alan Turing Institute etc)
Commercial Management
£500m+ OJEU frameworks put in place
Automation/RPA/Case Management/Hands on
Stake holder management from Customers, super users to CTOs and beyond
Teams managed of 10 – 6000
Blockchain solutions
Quantitative Risk Management
Strategic Planning
3rd party vendor management

Work Experience


Transformation Change Manager

Southern Water

Digital Transformation

January – October 2019




Southern Water is bringing its IT back in house after being outsourced for fifteen years.


SWS has a need to get a grip on its IT, data and reporting and needs a transformed IT function to do this.


The Transformation Programme had four main elements:

Create a fit for purpose DevOps pipeline, collaborative culture and governance framework
Automate using RPA (Blue Prism) Case Management/hands on/process ingestion/Bot controller UX/exception queue handling/install robotic centre of excellence
Maintain the legacy environments and suitably transform
Move to cloud: Azure, AWS and private cloud

My role was to develop and deliver a Digital Transformation Journey to enable the business to maintain current levels of service, rationalise and automate where possible and create a continuous delivery DevOps pipeline with automated testing, logging and monitoring to provide greater stability and a modular, flexible, elastic platform for growth.



Scope the outcomes with a pragmatic Minimum Viable Product focus
Correctly size the task (it had been undersized and over-scoped)
Put appropriate governance in place
Structure a small (but highly skilled and competent) lean-agile transformation team to manage the change and create a robotic centre of excellence
Use the Scaled Agile SAFe framework to scale accordingly
Introduce DevOps pipeline utilising Azure DevOps, GitHib, Jira, Confluence, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, etc

Funding secured. Scope Agreed. MVP agreed. Platform for Growth Roadmap approved.  Hybrid/Legacy strategy approved.  On-boarding / Key stakeholder buy-in secured. DevOps 1.0 Delivered. Governance Framework delivered. Automation roadmap delivered.



Transformation Change Director

Department for Transport

Rail Careers Campaign and Website (Promotion & Attraction)

January – December 2018




There is a skills gap in the rail industry forecast over the next twenty years, particularly around the Digital Railway.


As part of the government’s recently signed Rail Sector Deal and the Rail Sector Skills Delivery Plan, the Transport Secretary, DfT and National Skills Academy for Rail set up a Promotion and Attraction programme to attract future talent into rail and fill the forecast skills gap.


The programme has three aspects:

A targeted media campaign aimed at changing industry image in the eyes of talent and influencers
Setting up an ‘Influencers Army’ throughout Great Britain
A Web-portal ‘rail market’ to showcase the rail sector to talent and influencers

To enable the fast scoping, procurement, UX and Development of the Rail Careers Website and ensure synchronous tie in with the media campaign and the army of influencers on the ground.



Secure funding
Scope the outcomes with a pragmatic Minimum Viable Product focus
Correctly size the task (it had been undersized and over-scoped)
Put appropriate governance in place
Structure a small (but highly skilled and competent) lean-agile transformation team to manage the change
Use the Scaled Agile SAFe framework to scale accordingly
Implement elastic cloud platforming with Azure and Sitecore
Streamline DevOps pipeline, development, Testing and CI functions
Create a data lake and analytics function utilising MS Dynamics CRM, Google Analytics and Sitecore Analytics
Ensure User Research informed the UX and website development
Build a ‘Platform For Growth’ going forward to maximise the conversion rate of visitors to customers
Maximise engaged visitors and visitor conversion rates.

Funding secured. Scope Agreed. MVP agreed. Procurement agreed. Cunning ‘piggy back’ plan agreed to maximise UX & Dev time secured. Agreement for best arrangement for Platform for Growth agreed. Tie-in with a lot of key parties to maximise engagement and ‘buzz’ secured. Fit for purpose website delivered on time to budget.



Transformation Change Director

National Grid UK (utilities)

Balancing Programme (Legacy system digital upgrade with AI functions)

January 2017 – January 2018

UK Midlands and London



National Grid has the responsibility to ensure the provision of Great Britain’s total electricity demand of every second of every hour of every day (305 terawatt hours in 2017). This is managed in a single NCI control room.



In order to comply with the European and GB regulatory environment, 20+ interconnectors coming into place by 2021, and GB being one of the most volatile electricity markets in the World, National Grid needed to upgrade their legacy and manual systems to a more modular Digital/ AI based system.



Continue to manage the service to 65million customers
Correctly size the task (it had been undersized for years)
Optimally draw the scope (to tie together key disparate processes and working groups)
Harness the power of the combined knowledge of the business through a Design Acceptance Forum which acted as the primary decision-making function.
Structure a small (but highly skilled and competent) lean-agile transformation team to manage the change
Use the Scaled Agile SAFe framework to scale accordingly
Implement elastic cloud platforming with AWS/Google Cloud
Streamline DevOps pipeline, Testing and CI functions
Create a big data lake
Enable SO BAU Ops to create a Big Data/MI scalable, modular, micro-services capability to maximise Customer Value


National Grid’s response to the programme was:


‘Your strategic thought processes and debates have been excellent, and you have been able to help us make the transition to a new mode of operation for this very complex programme.’



Programme Director


Silvertown Tunnel Programme (STT)

March  – December 2017




Transport for London is in the process of procuring a £2.5bn twin-bore, dual carriageway road tunnel beneath the River Thames linking the A102 on the Greenwich Peninsula to the Tidal Basin Roundabout in the Royal Docks area of East London.


The STT is a PPP/DBFMO (Public-Private Partnership / Design, Build, Finance, Maintain and Operate) contract to enable a 4.5-year construction programme and subsequent 25-year infrastructure operation from 2023 handing back to TfL in 2048.


To bring the project back on track that was 10 months behind schedule and rather unfocussed.



I worked with the team to put in place the required governance to enable delivery including:

a robust contract management process to control scope, cost and quality
a clear set of priorities; a clear management structure
a thought-through, deliverable Gantt chart
clarity of scope and deliverables
clear ownership of tasks
RAID (Risk Assumptions Issues & Dependencies) management process
Identification of long lead items
fully resourced and costed plans etc
Credible land management plan

This created a more controlled environment with cohesive project teams more able to adapt. We also achieved significant cost savings and recovered the lost 10 months to get the programme back onto its original timeline.



Transformation Change Manager

National Grid

Sale of National Grid Gas D and compliance with CDM 2015

December 2015 – March 2017

UK Midland and London



National Grid plc – a multinational gas and electricity utility company with a market capitalisation of ~£40billion – had a requirement to sell off the ~£11 billion Gas Distribution business.



In preparation for this sale I was asked to work with National Grid to develop, approve, mobilise and run what became the 16/17 Gas D Contract Control Transformation Programme of works



To ensure

National Grid Gas Distribution business was ready for separation and sale through the OJEU process
there were robust controls in place, both safety and commercial, to manage the Supplier Contracts portfolio of ~ 1000 contracts
ensure that the entire business was robustly compliant with UK safety legislation particularly CDM 2015 (construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015)
develop, shape, intelligently package and govern 25-30 projects with around 100+ resources to ensure delivery in an OJEU defined timeframe.

I managed to deliver the overall programme of works to the agreed cost and quality two months early.






Transformation Change Manager/Product Manager

Transport for London

Hotspot Visualiser etc (TDM)

December 2013 – December 2015




TfL were leading an industry-wide Travel Demand Management initiative to introduce an extended set of products to provide an enhanced travel information service.


The programme delivered a number of digital products including a Hotspot Visualiser which shows the 2.2 billion visitors pa to the TfL website which parts of London are crowded due to planned works or events (concerts, Tour de France, London Marathon etc) and plots your best route around them.



To Product Manage and deliver:

Collective closure management tools
Interactive visualisation tools
Crowding effects / modelling tools
Subsequent targeted advice/comms to the travelling public in London

Lead the initiative and oversee the nine projects that delivered the programme
Work with the senior stakeholders across Network Rail, TfL, ATOC, TOCs, DfT, ORR, London TravelWatch etc.
Provide freely available feeds and tools through an API
Ensure robust UX
Manage funding streams from Network Rail etc

The API, products, services and management tools were delivered to cost and quality.


Transformation Change Director

Network Rail

NR’s entire Signals, Level Crossings & Telecoms Programme for CP5 (2014 – 2019)

November 2011 – December 2013




Network Rail had to identify and secure financing for all renewals, support and maintenance works that will take place between 2014 and 2019 (CP5) totalling £38 Billion.



My Programme Manager role entailed responsibility for the £8 Billion Signalling, Level Crossings and Telecoms works.



§  Programme Management

§  Strategic Management

§  Transformation/Change Management

§  Manage an overall team of 6000+

§  Make savings of ~ 15%

§  Galvanise the geographically dispersed teams

§  Clarify and scope requirements

§  Produce a pragmatic integrated set of plans going forward

§  Fill skill gaps where necessary,

§  Manage a number of ambiguities and motivate the teams to get into delivery mode which we did through Agile working ie collaborative, transparent, iterative and time-boxed approach



The failing, delayed programme started to perform, caught up on the backlogs and started to deliver early and first amongst its peers.


Through a set of full business case supported efficiencies developed and implemented through lean/six sigma framework, cost savings of £1.04 billion were achieved.



Programme Manager

Alstom, Siemens, Balfour Beatty Signalling Solutions JV

Subsurface Railway signalling upgrade Bid

December 2009 – November 2011

London, Paris, Munich



Signalling Solutions, Alstom, Siemens and Balfour Beatty, comprised a consortium for the £1 Billion Sub Surface Railway’s signalling works, which was a competitive tender under the OJEU framework.



My role, largely based in London and Paris, as the Signalling Solutions’ Programme Manager, was to ensure that our bid was delivered to time, quality and cost.



§  Programme Management.

§  Strategic Management

§  Business, Commercial and Strategic Analysis

§  Change Management

§  Source a core team (30+)

§  Introduce an Agile framework to enable time-boxed incremental delivery within a collaborative and transparent framework

§  Fill particular skill gaps where necessary

§  Deliver within the aggressive timescales (green light approval process was consistently very late)

§  consolidate and rationalise the bid to its best value for money position

§  adopt the best commercial position to take advantage of commercial opportunities

§  agree the best cost saving TUPE strategy

§  Develop the optimum insourcing/outsourcing strategy

§  manage the commercial and cultural risks and clearly identifying data sharing splitting strategies



We managed the programme through to the required quality, time and under budget and our bid made the cut to the last three.



Programme/Bid Manager


JNUP (Jubilee Northern Line Signalling Upgrade) Bid

February 2008 – December 2009




Thales were bidding for the JNUP £500m piece of work utilising their world-famous Digital Railway Signalling product: SelTrac.



I was bought in to programme manage the £500 million TRSS JNUP option 1 bid for the maintenance of the Seltrac signalling system and remaining assets after the JNUP Upgrade





§  Programme Management

§  Strategic Management

§  Business and Commercial Management

§  Change Management

§  Business Optimisation

§  Strategy and impact management for ~300 TUPE transfers.



The entire piece of work was completed to time and budget, to the Managing Director’s satisfaction.



Digital Change Programme Manager

Network Rail

National Records Centre digitalisation


London, York


My role was to digitalise all of Network Rail’s key records to create a Big Data set to enable optimised performance management, provide fit for purpose fast access to specific safety data sets for purposes of disaster recovery, business continuity and incident readiness.


§  Programme Management

§  Digitalisation

§  Cost savings

§  Replatforming

§  Data migration

§  Data cleansing, attribute granularity alignments, etc

§  Disaster recovery fast access data retrieval solutions (in order to comply with the regulatory safety case and the cases for safety) etc.

§  Enterprise data warehousing for reporting


All of these works were completed to the satisfaction of the Client to time, quality and budget.



Change Manager

Tube Lines/Bechtel

Contract Management rationalisation (and skills and competencies course setup)






My role was to reduce the Procurement strategy for the Tube Lines’ £2.4bn Stations Upgrade work stream from 630 suppliers to 10-15


I was also tasked with the development and implementation of a number of courses of contract and procurement business skills training to key people within the business in order to dramatically upskill the Contract & Procurement workforce.



§  Programme Management

§  Rationalisation Management

§  Commercial management

§  Cost saving management

§  Content creation

§  SME management

§  Training Delivery strategy and implementation




The reduction from 630 to 10-15 suppliers resulted in taking 16% out of the projected £2.4 billion spend, with a cost saving of ~ £384million.

The above was delivered to the Director of Contracts & Procurements to time and budget.


I also created a suite of core and enhanced C&P training packages and managed 12000 people to undertake them.



Transformation/Change Manager

London Underground

Incident Response & Emergency Procedures




In the wake of the 7th of the 7th bomb attacks on the Tube and the subsequent London Assembly Inquiry into the attacks, London Underground identified that it needed to completely change its approach to incident response to be able to cope with incidents of high severity particularly those of a multi-site nature.  I was brought in to programme manage the step-change improvement of LUL’s incident response.



§  Programme Management

§  Business Continuity

§  Security

§  Incident Management

§  Transformation Management

§  Stakeholders management including the emergency services: police, ambulance, fire services, TfL, Metronet and Tube Lines,

§  QRA risk management framework to deliver the lowest risk solution possible and cost savings.



This piece of work was delivered in a tight timescale to budget.
























Previous roles ~



Change Manager
§  Programme Management

§  Change Management

§  Shutdown/consolidation

§  Cost saving


Shutdown Plan. I devised and delivered the Shutdown Plan which delivered the change programme that Metronet used to shut down the £17 Billion PPP contract when it went into administration. The programme involved me managing key stakeholders (50+) including all twelve members of the Metronet board, and directors from TfL, LU etc.


The Shutdown Plan that I delivered was a large change programme to shut down Metronet and transfer £17billion of assets back to LU, TfL and other nominated companies.


These works were delivered to the client early, in a very tight timescale.



PFI/PPP Interface Team, London Underground Ltd
Programme Manager
§  Transformation Management

§  Business, Commercial and Strategic Analysis

§  Business Process Optimisation


I returned to the PFI/PPP Interface team to project manage the governance work started in 2002.


In order to change the ‘wait until the last minute’ mentality of those involved in all sides of the PPP contract, a governance framework was implemented to reach across all of the different parties involved in PPP works.  The risks associated with this mentality were in excess of £200M to London Underground.  The risks associated with the PPP Supporting Services schedule alone were estimated to be £80M.  My work was to mitigate this £80M.


This work delivered a solid governance framework providing a favourable strategic position with regards to exposure to Claims arising from the PPP/PFI interface.



2003 – 2004
Investment Management Services programme, Network Rail
Change Transformation Manager
§  Transformation Management

§  Business, Commercial and Strategic Analysis

§  Service Management

§  Business Optimisation


I worked as a project change manager on the £26.5m IMS (Investment Management Services) programme that rationalised and centralised Network Rail for the first time in 150 years. The overall change programme enabled Network Rail to monitor and better manage its asset investment portfolio of around £6bn a year.


I was involved from very early in the programme and managed identifying the Statement of requirements, developing and agreeing the approach and managing the implementation of the TOM, people and IT Tool solution.


This was achieved to time, budget and quality.



2002 – 2003
PFI/PPP Interface Team, London Underground Ltd
Project Manager
See 2004 PFI/PPP Interface team


2001 – 2002
Information Services, London Underground Ltd
Change Project Manager
§  Project Management

§  Service Management

§  Business and Strategic Analysis

§  Process Development & Implementation


For the first time ever, LUL was creating a centralised IT department.  I was brought in to implement the ITIL Service Management Framework and the Prince II Project Management frameworks.  This involved developing the frameworks, processes, IT tools and training and implementing them.


I worked with the heads of IS and the LU board to put the centralised project management and service management functions (Prince II and ITIL) in place and ensure that the processes in between these two (Bring Into Managed Service processes) were developed, fit for purpose, UAT’d and signed off.


This transformation was performed in a short timescale, signed off and signed over to BAU earlier than scheduled.



1998 – 2001
Public Private Partnership (PPP) Transition Programme, London Underground Ltd (LUL)
Programme/Project Manager
§  Programme Management

§  Project Management

§  Business and Strategic Analysis


LUL had to ready itself for the government-driven PPP transition.  It was my responsibility to manage the change of the transition of the 50 Business Critical IS Systems assets and their admin/development teams to their new owners.


The business-critical systems included all of the largest central LUL IS systems: HR, Finance, Purchasing, Planning etc. This programme of works had a large footprint across the entire business included the legal vesting of all relevant IT systems and their teams to the appropriate entities and either cloning or segregation of shared systems.  This resulted in a complex programme of works that had to be completed by the government Transition Date.  I delivered this programme of works to time and budget.


The Transition programme delivered all of its deliverables to time and budget (£6.52m over 2 years).


Project Management Services, London Underground Ltd.
Project Manager
§  Project Management

§  Business Analysis

§  Process Development


LUL spent around £500 million per year on engineering projects but had a problem with an unacceptable number of projects overspending or not delivering as expected.


I was brought in to project manage bringing in project control in the form of Project Gates (senior management reviews) at critical times within projects’ lifecycles.


This involved managing the stakeholders, analysing the issues, developing a solution, getting the solution endorsed and approved by the stakeholders and implementing the solution across the entire business. I successfully project managed the change and delivered this solution across the whole of LUL to time and budget.



Mott MacDonald
Project Manager/ Strategic Consultant
§  Project Management

§  Strategic and Business Analysis

§  Strategy Development


I consulted to the Board of Mott MacDonald with regard to its strategic information management and marketing strategy.  This involved analysing the current information management and marketing strategies and the present and potential markets.  I devised a strategy to reshape the marketing and information management functions to enable Mott MacDonald to be more competitive at market. The recommendations included: standardising its IT platform and data sets and; developing a centralised strategic information management system to enable more effective use of marketing information: ‘The Right Information To The Right Person At The Right Time.’


Cedel Bank
Project Manager
§  Project Management

§  Business Analysis

§  System Development


I developed, tested, implemented and project managed an asset control cost and expenditure system for a major international financial IT project implementing Cedel: the real time Eurobond settlement system.


Critical Resource Agency, London Underground Ltd.
Project Manager
§  Project Management

§  Business Analysis


I project managed the implementation of a system that would control and monitor Safety Critical Licensing within LUL.  This involved analysing the current business processes, identifying and implementing business improvements and developing and implementing a management control and information system.


Loss Control, London Underground Ltd
Information Manager
§  Information Management


I worked directly to Mr Roger Croad (MBE) acting as his information office.  It was my role to control and manage Loss Control safety risk information throughout LUL.  This involved liaising with all levels of people within LUL including the Managing Director and Chairman.


The Parliamentary Team, Jubilee Line Extension
Project Manager
§  Project Management

§  Business Analysis


I was part of the Parliamentary Team who worked with a team of barristers, solicitors and internal and external experts to represent LUL at the Green Park Bill (Additional Provision) hearing in the House of Commons.  This was very intensive as there was a fixed deadline.  Our work was so thorough that the Additional Provision was accepted in less than 25 minutes.


The Leverhume Institute’s ‘The Strategic Use of CAD/CAM’ project, London Business School
Strategic Analyst
§  Research

§  Business Analysis


BT Mobile Communications
Customer Services Manager
I was part of a team that resolved customer inquiries and complaints with regards to BT pagers, mobile telephones and voice messaging.





2018 Leading SAFe 4.5.1 (Scaled Agile Framework)

2002 ISEB IT Service Management (95% score)

2002 Prince II Project Management


1987-1990 University of London

B.Sc. (Honours) Business Strategy and Biotechnology


My grades in the advanced final year courses were:


Business Strategy                      Grade Achieved (A)

Biotechnology                            Grade Achieved (A)

Business Management                 Grade Achieved (B)



Interests and Achievements
·       Two children, Jack born 1/4/98 and Charlotte born 12/8/00.

·       Sport – 800m Avon County Champion, Coventry Godiva Harrier, captain of college hockey team, Escrima: Filipino stick fighting, Keen runner and walker.

·       Freelance journalism – interviews and reviews.

·       I have held a driving licence since the age of 17.




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