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Dimitrios Ntirokaltsis

56 Lady Lawson st, EH3 9DH, Edinburgh, UK | | 07840332570 |


Memberships: Member of the Energy Institute


I am an ambitious and hard working Electrical Engineer MEng with an MSc in Electrical Power Engineering. I believe that team work, attention to detail and work ethic are the keys to a successful career



University of Edinburgh                                                                                                                           Edinburgh, UK

MSc in Electrical Power Engineering                                                                                                      2018 – Present

·         Completed modules such as Power Systems Engineering and Economics, Power Systems and Machines, Power Electronics for Energy Systems, Technologies for Sustainable Energy.

·         Worked on 2 team projects.

§   A 4-member project where we investigated the effects of connecting renewable generation to typical rural power networks on voltage, power flows  and operation of network equipment such as transformers with OLTCs which was graded 79/100.

§   A 2-member team project ‘Study on Hybrid HVAC-HVDC Networks and Impacts on Faults due to Distributed Generation’

·         Thesis: ‘Smart Distribution Grids: An assessment of the protection and reliability’


Democritus University of Thrace                                                                                                                     Xanthi, Greece

MEng In Electrical and Computer Engineering , Major in Power Engineering                                    2009 – 2018

·         Notable courses:

§  Power Systems I (8.5/10),

§  Electrical machines (9/10)

§  Structure and Operation of Power Systems (7/10)

§  Power Systems II (8/10)

·         My final year thesis ‘Design and Implementation of Helmholtz Coils for the production of Variable Magnetic Field along a Satellite Orbit’ attracted favourable comments and was graded 9.67/10





‘Tyras Dairy Industry S.A.’                                                                                                                        Xanthi, Greece

Electrical Engineering Intern                                                                                                                        05 2017- 06 2017

·         I acquired practical experience in the operation of the dairy factory

·         Worked in the technical department which was responsible for the maintenance of the electrical and mechanical equipment of the factory as well as the installation of new equipment.


Elevator Technician                                                                                                                                              Trikala, Greece

06 2016- 04 2017

·         Occasionally worked alongside my father from a very young age and full time from June 2016 to April 2017. Learned about the installation of panel boards, hydraulic and electric motors elevators and was introduced to the principles of electric circuits. Besides the installation I also worked on the maintenance of elevators.






Piksida cafe                                                                                                                                                 Xanthi, Greece

Waiter                                                                                                                                                       09 2010-12 2010

·         Developed teamwork skills working as a member of a team in a challenging environment

·         Improved my customer service and communication skills


Hellenic Air Force                                                                                                                                   Komotini, Greece

Firefighter                                                                                                                                                 10 2017-7 2018

In Greece, every man after the age of 18 must go to the army for 9 months. I requested and acquired the role of a firefighter in the Hellenic Air Force, as I consider it to be a very challenging role which requires physical robustness, coordination and team work. I was the leader in the drills, responsible for giving vocal guidances.







English (fluent | IELTS: 7.5)                                     Greek (native)


Programming languages & Software Packages:

·         Strong experience: Powerworld, Simulink, Matlab, Autocad, OpenDSS and Labview

·         Some experience: PLC, Java and C







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