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To Whom it may concern,

I am more than excited for this opportunity so I decided to move along with the procedure and submit my Application.
Thank you for your time in advance and for the chance to compete. It’s a privilege for me to even be consider, that is how I feel about chance to be selected and employed. I put my trust in your expertise to be recognized as potential for the employment.
Attached is my one part Application-CV PDF. I did my best to adequately give you insight of who I am, reasons are obvious, in this insecure times that we are living, I assure you I understand how difficult must be to employ adequate person for the such responsible position. I am no gambler and would never gamble trust, confidence and opportunity. I am sure you will realize that I am not uneducated and that I would never betray for that is feature of ignorance. Trust me when I say that I am exceeding the boundaries of the averageness. I can give so much that one CV can not “comprehend” and translate. Please do confirm successful documents deliver and any additional information I will promptly provide.


Isakovic Elmir

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