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·        Studying the design drawings & monitoring project progress as per schedule.

·        Suggesting variations in design that could reduce man hour consumption.

·        Pre-Planning and implementing parallel activities that could reduce overall project duration.

·        Resource forecasting to ensure all the raw materials are available for the project to run without interruptions.

·        Preparing projects monthly cost incurred report against the budget.

·        Budget monitoring & cost control measures to be incorporated wherever necessary.

·        Suggesting better advanced tools & equipment that help increase productivity.

·        Ensuring all tests, resources, certifications are in place for the smooth functioning of the site.

·        Proper utilization of resources & manpower to yield maximum efficiency.

·        Hiring, Sub-Contracting, invoicing to be taken care of to maintain smooth cash flow.


Masters in Mechanical Engineering

Visveswaraya Technological Universiy
September 2013 to June 2015


Project Engineer

Nass Industrial Services
December 2015 to January 2020

Manufacturing of Heat Exchangers for Oil & Gas Company, Pressure Vessels, Storage Tanks.

Design Engineer

Siddhant Tehcnologies Pvt Ltd
July 2013 to June 2015

• Preparing the concept design and specification of all the equipment at estimation stage.
• Attending the design approval meeting and making proposal drawings.
• Checking and releasing the drawings for manufacturing, mentioning testing speed, pressure temperature for the designed model.
• Attending the trials at the factory to identify any design error that has to be rectified before taking product into mass production.

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